Earth Day – Our Commitment to Green

Full Green, Zero Footprint A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions made in order to compensate for emissions created elsewhere. TRAXX offers customers the option of offsetting emissions from using their products or services on a voluntary basis. Why? Provides opportunities for Indigenous peoples and landowners to derive revenue from stewardship projects on their […]

Women of TRAXX

Often seen as the face of our business, our motorcoach operators are highly trained professionals who, while not driving, are often found cheering on the teams they transport. TRAXX is proud to have a strong team of drivers, many of which, are women. In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are showcasing a few of […]

Three Must See Locations in Western Canada in 2023

Western Canada is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes and unique cultural experiences in the world. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or simply looking for an adventure, there are plenty of must-see destinations in this part of the country. If you’re planning a road trip by motorcoach this year, […]

Travelling by Coach or Car – Which one should you choose?

There are several reasons why hiring a bus for group transportation may be a better option than having everyone travel separately in their personal vehicles. First and foremost, hiring a bus allows for a more convenient and stress-free travel experience. When everyone is driving separately, coordinating meeting times and locations can be difficult, and there […]

90 Years In The Making

Modern day travel has become a pastime that many enjoy – the modes of travel available and different levels of comfort leaves many options on the table for the willing wanderlust. Almost a century ago, travelling cross country by car was not as luxe as it can be today. The lack of paved road, and […]

All Things Hockey

With the change of season in full swing, we welcome fall with open arms and cheers all around – hockey season is back! We’re fans of all things hockey at TRAXX from the pros to our juniors. Being in the business of travel, we know the headaches that come from organizing travel for big groups. […]

Sun Fun Tours

Since 1978, Sun Fun Tours has been serving the interior of British Columbia and the Okanagan. Planning for a group travel project can be a weighty responsibility – with that in mind, Sun Fun Tours provides an expertise and planning strategy widely recognized as a trusted, reliable and secure choice for tour organization. Sun Fun […]