Earth Day – Our Commitment to Green

Full Green, Zero Footprint

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions made in order to compensate for emissions created elsewhere. TRAXX offers customers the option of offsetting emissions from using their products or services on a voluntary basis.


Provides opportunities for Indigenous peoples and landowners to derive revenue from stewardship projects on their lands by providing a financial incentive for habitat protection and conservation.

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The Future is Electric

TRAXX embarked on a record breaking journey onboard the MCI J4500 Charge, an electric 56-seat motorcoach. Travelling 356 kilometers between Kamloops and Delta with an elevation gain of 830 metres, TRAXX and MCI set a new world record for the ‘longest and highest voyage by an electric motorcoach in North America’.

You can read more about the journey, and a second record setting voyage, here >

Photo by Jay Munoz of Caption Photography Media

Alternative Fuel Sources Explored

In the summer of 2022, TRAXX was present at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention hosted in Edmonton, Alberta. Looking forward to newer methods of sustainability for our economy, alternative fuel sources have become an important part of the conversation.

Watch this clip highlighting events during the convention here >

So, what’s next for TRAXX? As we continue our exploration of alternative power sources and delve deeper into environmentally valuable initiatives, we can’t help but wonder where TRAXX will be by Earth Day 2023. With TRAXX, you can #TravelGreen. From all of us, Happy Earth Day.

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