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MCI j4500 Charge, electric bus, Guinness world record, Matthew Cox

Earth Day - Our Commitment to Green

April 18, 2023
Since 1970, Earth Day has encouraged and showcased support for environmental protection. TRAXX is working on a variety of ways to further reduce coach emissions including exploring both electric and hydrogen power sources as well as introducing a zero footprint initiative. 

Women of TRAXX

March 6, 2023
Often seen as the face of our business, our motorcoach operators are highly trained professionals who, while not driving, are often found cheering on the teams they transport. TRAXX is proud to have a strong team of drivers, many of which, are women. In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are showcasing a few of these drivers here.

Three Must See Locations in Western Canada in 2023

January 24, 2023
Western Canada is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes and unique cultural experiences in the world.

Travelling by Coach or Car - Which one should you choose?

December 22, 2022
There are several reasons why hiring a bus for group transportation may be a better option than having everyone travel separately in their personal vehicles.

90 Years In The Making

November 25, 2022
Modern day travel has become a pastime that many enjoy – the modes of travel available and different levels of comfort leaves many options on the table for the willing wanderlust.

All Things Hockey

October 28, 2022
With the change of season in full swing, we welcome fall with open arms and cheers all around – hockey season is back! We’re fans of all things hockey at TRAXX from the pros to our juniors.

Sun Fun Tours

September 19, 2022
Since 1978, Sun Fun Tours has been serving the interior of British Columbia and the Okanagan. Planning for a group travel project can be a weighty responsibility – with that in mind, Sun Fun Tours provides an expertise and planning strategy widely recognized as a trusted, reliable and secure choice for tour organization.

Travel Green with TRAXX and Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative

August 11, 2022
With an aim to reduce emissions and become carbon neutral, TRAXX has Partnered with Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative to create a fully green, zero footprint. Learn more about Carbon Offsets and how they are not only helping the environment stay vibrant and sustainable, but also providing opportunities for First Nation people.

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Together as One - Collaboration births Two Worlds Transportation

July 25, 2022
Last year, we partnered with Indigenous led Tsawwassen Shuttles to bring in a new collaborative venture- Two Worlds Transportation, providing a diverse and scalable fleet to service Indigenous Communities, businesses and organizations, the tourism industry and more. Watch the video unveiling the new logo and first TWT coach.

Vancouver to Seattle - A QUICK trip across the border

June 20, 2022
Enjoy this clip of our Quick Shuttle coach trip to Seattle, starting off at Canada Place in Vancouver. Hitting the premium outlets, a visit to Pike Place and more makes this an affordable and fun way to travel to Seattle.

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Making TRAXX

May 14, 2022
TRAXX is your go to choice in premium ground transportation – leading the industry in providing a world-class service, TRAXX fulfills multi-industry needs in group travel solutions. Enjoy this clip highlighting the TRAXX experience.

Edmonton Convention Centre, hydrogen convention

Hydrogen Convention 2022

April 29, 2022
This Summer, TRAXX was present at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention hosted in Edmonton Alberta. As we look forward to newer methods of sustainability for our economy, alternative fuel sources have become an important part of the conversation. Watch this clip highlighting events during the convention.

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TRAXX in Seattle with BYD

April 20, 2022
Join us on a quick trip around Seattle! TRAXX and BYD were excited to collaborate on using a fully electric coach to showcase ‘real world’ application of electric coaches as a means of sustainable group travel. Enjoy the clip!

Calgary Flames

Hockey Tournament

March 30, 2022
TRAXX takes great pride in supporting the talented athletes in junior and major league clubs, and ensuring their safety above all when travelling from game to game. – Enjoy this clip from the Mac’s Tournament late last season!

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Grace's Amazing Machines

March 5, 2022
TRAXX was featured on BBC’s Grace’s Amazing Machines! The featured segment highlighting our collaboration with MCI late last summer, travelling in an all-electric coach from Kamloops to Vancouver – all on battery power!

March 5, 2022
TRAXX was featured on BBC’s Grace’s Amazing Machines! Please watch the featured segment highlighting our collaboration with MCI late last summer, travelling in an all-electric coach from Kamloops to Vancouver – all on battery power! Enjoy the clip!

MCI J4500 Charge, electric bus, Guinness world record

TRAXX 2021 Year in Review

February 1, 2022
We go on a short trip down memory lane this last year, highlighting key moments in the history of TRAXX. From setting records traveling aboard the fully electric J4500 coach by MCI across the coquihala highway, collaborating with health organizations to bring mobile vaccination clinics to city streets near you, enjoy this clip in looking back as we move forward.

MCI j4500 Charge, electric bus, Guinness world record

TRAXX e-bus makes District Wine Village appearance

November 7, 2021
The TRAXX Coach Lines electric bus that has been setting its own world records and literally turning around and breaking them, made a quiet appearance at the District Wine Village recently as the company continues its unique roadshow.

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Provincial funding to fuel Alberta’s mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

September 29, 2021
Alberta’s mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinic will keep rolling, following a new commitment of provincial cash for the service, which had previously been supported largely with private dollars.

MCI j4500 Charge, electric bus, Guinness world record, Matthew Cox

UPDATE: Electric bus sets new world record on Vancouver-to-Kelowna trip.

September 17, 2021
This week it set its second world record in 14 days by climbing higher and driving longer than any other electric bus ever has before.

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TRAXX electric bus sets world record by driving from Kamloops to Vancouver on a single charge.

September 1, 2021
TRAXX Coach Lines, in partnership with Motor Coach Industries (MCI), set a world record this week with a trek between Kamloops and Delta in their electric bus.

MCI j4500 Charge, electric bus, Guinness world record, news & media

It’s electric — TRAXX successfully travels from Kamloops to Delta on a single charge.

August 31, 2021
TRAXX Coachlines hopes the 261-kilometre trip that rose to 1,444 metres on the Coquihalla will enable entry into the Guinness World Records.

MCI J4500 Charge, electric bus, guiness world record, Matthew Cox

Zero-emission electric motor coach could set Guinness record with trip from Kamloops to Vancouver.

August 30, 2021
An electric motor coach is currently on pace to set a green world record as it travels from Kamloops to Vancouver.

MCI j4500 Charge, electric bus, Guinness world record

A Canadian bus company (TRAXX) is setting a record by driving an electric motorcoach from Kamloops to Vancouver.

August 30, 2021
A Canadian bus company is setting a record by driving an electric motorcoach from Kamloops to Vancouver.

youth centre

Indigenous entrepreneurs poised to make big impact on Canadian economy.

August 27, 2021
Support for Indigenous entrepreneurs a pathway to economic reconciliation, but it’s also good business

mobile vaccination clinic, alberta, edmonton

Alberta launches mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinic for worksites and rural communities

July 22, 2021
Alberta’s first-dose COVID-19 vaccination rates have slowed in recent weeks, prompting businesses and the province to work together on a new approach to reach those who are not yet vaccinated.

two worlds transportation, indigenous travel

Tsawwassen Shuttles announces joint venture with Traxx Holdings Inc.

July 20, 2021
Indigenous-led Two Worlds Transportation will provide shuttle and motorcoach service throughout western Canada and Pacific northwest.


Edmonton becomes first Canadian GBAC STAR-accredited destination.

June 22, 2021
Edmonton has become the first Canadian destination to achieve Destination GBAC STAR accreditation.

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Private equity investors driving industry consolidation.

January 19, 2020
Mergers and acquisitions are expected to be strong through 2020 as private equity firms see the motorcoach industry as a good investment, especially with concerns about a pending downturn in the economy.